About Us

GuCheng Hair factory is Located in Shandong, China, our factory sits on 5000-10,000 square metres of land and was founded in 2009,which has rightfully earned the reputation to have the highest quality in materials, perfect designs, customer service and competitive prices to earn the trust of many clients worldwide.



We are prominent manufacturers and suppliers of large assortment of Raw Human Hair Prodcuts,With more than 10 years experiences in this field, and ISO, GBTcertificated qualifications,and extreme quality standard, we stay very competitive in the current market.All of our products are inspection certificated and we welcome the partners with ODM/OEM needs.



Our endeavour to provide you with high quality hair with The truest Price in the market,whilst staying true to our brand values and core mission.Our goal is to build genuine strong relationships that last long-term by ensuring we assist you in every way that we can whilst supplying the best quality products we can.